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"Brad Vancour recently sold my large Ellensburg Farm and house built for entertaining. Brad had the listing for 2 years of the almost 5 years it was on the market. He brought so much new energy into the picture. Brad is honest, works extremely hard and has great ideas. He wasn't going to give up until we had the right buyer! We put on fun events and through Brad, I met outstanding people, most of who, along with Brad, have become my friends today! I so highly recommend Brad who will get the job done for you! You will be happy with the results! I mean this sincerely."

- Dolly Orr, Owner & Founder of Orrion Farms, Ellensburg, WA

"Brad sold three major properties for The Tice Family and The Pacific Institute, Inc. They were tougher than usual sales because they were built primarily for personal usage.  He was tenacious and dedicated to complete the sales to our benefit."

- Jack Fitterer, CEO The Pacific Institute, Inc.

“Our experience working with Brad Vancour has been exceptional at every level.  We have been most impressed with the polished, professional presentation of our site through print and video.  When selecting a broker to market a high end, unique site – it was Vancour’s extensive pool of qualified buyers that was the deciding factor in selecting him to represent our property.”

– Ben Katon, Vice President of Weidner Investment Services, Inc.

“Brad has a breadth of knowledge in real estate and development, we feel very comfortable using him.  He also knows how to get the job done and is a great “Go To Guy” to rely on.”  

–  Bill Cowin, President & Principal at Ketchikan Drywall Services, Inc.

 “Brad is a great guy and super realtor.  He is open, trustworthy, and maintains excellent communication.  I highly recommend him.”

– John D. Barline, Attorney at Law at Williams Kastner

“Brad helped us find a dream spot for our family.  We are thrilled with his approach, dedication, and now friendship.  He stays connected in perfect fashion, adds a little fun to the mix, and really presents a unique approach to the real estate experience.  We would go right back to Brad with any real estate questions, projects, or needs.  We love him.”

– Brian and Anne Wilbur, Bon Appetit Management Company

“We have worked with Brad Vancour and he knows the real estate world and market very well.  On our transaction, Brad found us a great vacation property and was able to negotiate favorable price and terms.  He came highly recommend and lived up to it”

– Mick Schreck, Seasoned Real Estate Professional

"Brad Vancour has always provided thorough professional service as a real estate agent. He is timely, punctual and reflects an extra mile action habit in all of his dealings with me."
– David R. Humphrey, President of ILD Global

"Brad came to us highly recommended and he lived up to it.  He was able to find our family a great Vacation Property and negotiated a favorable Price and Terms."
– Kevin Schreck, Vice President of Kemper Development